Becca Parrish
Helen Medvedovsky
Lauren Fonda
Chief Brand Officer

"Understated and thoughtful, Becca sets the standard for invisible PR. The entire team is supportive, responsive, and integrated seamlessly with our brand and strategy from day one."

Eric Ripert
chef + owner
Le Bernardin
Jamie Goldstein
Chief Creative Officer
Casey Kahn
Vice President
Liz Pierson
Senior Account Director
Elise Reinemann
Vice President

"When Becca Parrish calls, I always pick up the phone. Why? Because she's the one restaurant publicist who understands what I need and want as an editor. I know she's going to offer up a client who specifically makes sense for Bon Appétit. Her discerning take on the industry is invaluable."

Adam Rapoport
Bon Appétit
Diana Hossfeld
Vice President
Tammy Walker
Senior Account Director
Negar Athari

"Working with Becca and her team on our FEED Supper initiative was amazing! Their sense of what would resonate with the press and our customers as well as their ability to make key partnerships and dinners happen was so valuable to the success of Supper."

Lauren Bush Lauren
FEED Projects

"The launch of west~bourne exceeded all of my expectations. The Becca team's guidance, tenacity, time, extraordinary efforts, creativity and faith in this project and me, positioned us uniquely in a very crowded space. The narrative and dialogue the Becca team helped us create is one of a kind, and it set a strong foundation for us as a business and a brand."

Camilla Marcus
Bianca Kenworthy
Account Director
Kate Burr
Director of Partnerships
Phoebe Ng
Senior Account Executive
Danielle Adams
Senior Digital Media Manager

"Becca epitomizes the highest of standards. In a business where excellence, trust, dependability and good taste are of the essence, the Becca team is a true gem. As an authority on restaurant hospitality and luxury brands, professional expectations are continuously met and I have come to depend on their tremendous value."

Debbie Kosofsky
Senior Producer
Rebecca Sanders
Account Executive

"Becca & her team are simply best in class. Their taste, connections and thoughtful, thorough execution consistently set them apart. If you want someone who gets it, and gets it done, they’re the one."

Andrew Essex
Former CEO
Tribeca Enterprises
Lucy Fowlkes
Account Executive